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Japan Country Study Pack

Japan Country Study Pack

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Explore the wonders of Japan at your own pace with this comprehensive and engaging country study pack.

This pack includes a detailed Map of Japan for exploration, a striking Flag of Japan to display your love for the country, and a Blank Flag template for personalized designs. Dive into Japanese cuisine with a guide on Japanese Foods, exploring flavors and traditional dishes. Learn about Japanese culture through two pages highlighting traditional clothing, landmarks, items and more; and challenge yourself with a blank Japanese related items quiz, testing your knowledge of cultural symbols and objects for a fun and educational experience.

Whether you are an avid traveler, a student, or simply curious about Japan, the Japan Country Study Pack is a must-have resource to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this captivating country.

Additionally, this pack comes with a commercial license, providing flexibility for business and commercial purposes.

After purchasing, you will receive:
- A 8-page Canva template that includes:
∙ Cover Page
∙ Map of Japan
∙ The Flag of Japan
∙ Blank Flag of Japan template
∙ Japanese Foods
∙ 3 pages of Japanese related items
- A commercial license.

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