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Roll a Gingerbread Man

Roll a Gingerbread Man

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Get ready to roll and create your very own Gingerbread Man masterpiece with this all-in-one game set!

Upon purchasing, you'll receive a comprehensive instructions to guide you through the game setup and play, a blank gingerbread man template for personalization, accessories to cut out for the game, adding an element of creativity, a rolling key for smooth and easy gameplay, and printable dice for convenience and endless rounds of play.

This template also includes a commercial license for added flexibility and usage rights.

Whether it's for a holiday gathering or a cozy night in, this game is sure to bring joy to all ages!

After purchasing, you will receive:
- A 14-page Canva template that includes:
• Cover Page
• Instructions
• Blank Gingerbread Man template
• 10 pages of Accessories to cut out for the game
• Printable dice
- A commercial license.
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